so if all of the Star Clan were named after colors, eventually they’re going to run out of names

so if you weren’t lucky enough to get stuff like Red Star or Black Star or whatever

Turqouise Star

Crimson Star

Blood-Orange Star

Purple Mountain Majesty Star


Here have an Inktober thing - Sorry I’m taking long on these things. Have like 30+ characters to draw AND color heh

Just working on getting all the inks done first


Happy almost Halloween from Blair and American-Eater :DD

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I have no idea what kind of tags Soul Eater fans use to find Free with the search function.


"A heart,a beat,a flash for those who are lonely." Wsh - wenn es passiert.


i got sad so i drew the bae.
justin, i still love and miss you.


×××○○○○○—— Maka Albarn: cosplay wip 2/?
So here’s the boyfriend. I decided to remake some parts to make it look more…less boxy && more natural I guess?? Anyways~ Can’t wait for Chibi-pa 2014~!


After asking around on my twitter (twitter.com/025geru) i drew some maka x crona ! ♥ backhug was the idea of baersfotoalbum

ソウマカ ロックフェス参戦 by akira

※ Permission to upload was granted by the artist.

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